EcoTrade - Wholesale Organics
EcoTrade was created to provide a one-stop-shop for the organic retail sector in Spain. The rapidly growing demands for organic food  have created many logistical challenges for organic shops, caterers, hotels, institutional buyers and indeed, for the organic producers.

To overcome these difficulties, EcoTrade has created a sophisticated B2B wholesale and logistics infrastructure to get a complete range of organic products to the retail industry in Spain centered on the EcoTrade web-warehouse.  As part of this initiative, EcoTrade now offers some 12,000 separate certified organic product lines, including fresh and manufactured products, both Spanish and International.  The range of organic products hosted by EcoTrade is truly impressive, from retail lines like breakfast cereals and organic baby foods to bulk products like rice, grain, flour, sugar, herbs and spices for the organic food industry.

We add new products continuously  in an effort to guarantee the Organic retailer maximum choice. All product prices and discounts are updated every week to guarantee our customers the latest and best prices and discounts.  EcoTrade retains a low average profit margin and this allows the retailer to maintain a sustainable profit base.

Using the EcoTrade website, retail customers can make immediate discounted orders, subject to a normal minimum order value.  Registration, payment, and shipping formalities are very simple, and quantity discounting has been automated to optimize your discounts by product line. Fresh products are shipped within 7 days by chilled transport. Grocery products are shipped directly to the retailer from the national distributor.

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